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A decent night’s sleep is essential to us all. Problems sleeping can be very common. Sometimes this is for a short time only, or perhaps a disturbed sleep pattern has become normal for you? There is tremendous individual variation when it comes to how much sleep we need, ranging from maybe just five hours to nine or ten hours a night and there is growing clinical evidence that not getting enough sleep is an important factor in our overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Sleep disturbance or insomnia can take several different forms:-

Unable to get to sleep, stay asleep or get back to sleep; Fitful sleep (waking up throughout the night);Sleep walking or recurring dreams or nightmares.

If you’re experiencing any of the above and are finding that sleep (or lack of it!) is affecting your everyday life, you may want to consider individual counseling or attending our Sleep Clinic.

The Sleep Clinic is a one-day group workshop (maximum 10 people) followed by two individual follow-up sessions. At the workshop we will cover the wider ranging aspects of healthy “sleep hygiene”, which apply to us all; in the follow-up sessions which are on an individual one:one basis, we will work together to determine and resolve the possible cause(s) of your specific and individual sleep problems and develop a supportive and comprehensive pathway to improved and healthy sleep.

If you would like to find out more and reserve your place on the next workshop, please email help@thelifemanagementpractice.co.uk or call on 0330 6600 308 (Local call rate)

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