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An innovative and bespoke, Wellbeing, Support and Assistance plan specifically designed for teenagers to access independently.

Starting University* or College, or maybe living away from home for the first time, (to start a new job, for example), and even when still living at home and changing school, beginning GCSE learning-years or leaving school to start an apprenticeship are all significant changes in life.

An exciting time of new beginnings can also bring with it some worries or fears; for many and varied reasons it can be difficult and quite often impossible to share these concerns with our family, the people we love and who love and care for us.

The “Breathe...Space” plan gives both re-assurance and a totally confidential and discreet* ‘safe-harbour’ where any concern can be raised and resolved before it becomes a bigger issue.

Anything from missing home, building new relationships and trying to fit in, through concerns about coping with coursework, time-management, exam nerves or interviews to issues with self-esteem, confidence, alcohol or drugs, can, if left unchecked, make this special time in life far more challenging than it needs to be.

Just a little help, as soon as it is needed, can make all the difference.

“Breathe... Space” clients can access support with a text message request and assistance will be given by return phone-call, email or Skype. A ‘quick-check’ text will be made once a month to further facilitate accessibility to assistance if needed.

For Further information...

please call 0330 6600 308
email help@thelifemanagementpractice.co.uk

*Research among University students has indicated that both waiting lists and, more importantly, not wanting to be seen to be needing assistance are the two main reasons for ‘struggling on’ with an issue even though most Universities and Colleges do provide a buddy system of support for new entrants and other assistance.