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Karen has many years experience of Therapy, Counselling, Coaching and Pastoral Support. She also has extensive experience of working with teenagers and parents.

Karen’s warmth, gentle manner and relaxed style creates a comfortable and safe place to be. She cares and she listens. Accepting that each and every one of us is unique, Karen tailors each session specifically to suit your individual personality and circumstances. Sessions can take on a life of their own – with confidential discussions ranging from health issues to relationships, career concerns to family tensions. Karen is open, non-judgemental, honest and kind. She is committed to each and every client's individual emotional, mental, and physical needs and can help you to find your pathway to improved health and wellbeing.

Karen is based in West Wales and works with clients throughout the UK. If you are unable to attend her Practice, an alternative location may be agreed; as a further option, telephone consultations are effective and always available. You can also make an appointment with Karen using Skype or you can communicate via email if you prefer.

Let us help you find the difference, that makes the difference to your life.