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Prices and Payment

As each individual or family programme of help and support can vary in both content and duration, we will discuss and agree with you how we can help; the cost does vary depending on the type of programme required......and we often find that just one or two sessions can make a significant difference.


Individual Consultations: Personal Life/Family Life/Worklife

Full hour Consultation £65.00
3 Sessions £175.00
5 Sessions £300.00

Telephone/Skype Surgery

Full hour £45.00
3 Sessions £115.00
5 Sessions £200.00

Clinics and Workshops:

Sleep Clinic/Stress Management Workshop/Out of Control Spending

Workshop £125.00
Workshop+two follow-up sessions £175.00

Feature Programmes

HUGS Discovery Day

One-day workshop plus two individual follow-up sessions* per couple (for example to address wedding-day nerves/bridegroom’s speech - or any other matters that you choose. £150.00

POPs (Personal organisation plan)

At home practical assistance day £175.00
Support Consultations-per hour £65.00

Redundancy – Emotional Impact Support Programme

Full Programme £350.00
One-day workshop + two individual follow-up consultations £175.00
Workshop only £125.00

Too Big....To Better!

A six-month programme comprising 12 workshop days plus twelve individual support sessions - Per Month. £225.00
(Discount of £90 for full programme if paid in advance.)

The Reflective Journey and Family Academy programmes are bespoke, tailor-made to embrace a wide range of activities, support and therapy.   Each programme can vary in content and duration according to the agreed needs and outcomes of the client or family and for this reason are costed and agreed individually.

Family Academy:               

Weekends* (Friday evening – Sunday afternoon)      

Reflective Journey

Weekend (Friday evening – Sunday afternoon*), to include six follow-up/review sessions over a six to twelve month* period (*as preferred and agreed). 

*available on weekdays if you prefer; Accommodation can be arranged; if it is not possible for you to travel alternative locations can be arranged.


Please email help@thelifemanagementpractice.co.uk or telephone 0330 6600 308 (Local call rate. Please leave a message and we will call you back) – together we can then discuss and plan the most appropriate, and your preferred way forward.

When you are ready to proceed, the agreed payment can be made securely online via Paypal or your Credit/Debit card by clicking the button below:


All payments are protected by a "Secure Socket Layer" on the Paypal website. Check the lock icon at the bottom of your browser window.

Payment can also be made by cheque payable to “The Life Management Practice”.